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    Lexington, MA Water Heater

    Expect your Lexington, Massachusetts home water heater service to be fast, affordable and understanding. When you call us for repairs, we will respond quickly. If you need a replacement, we can do it the same day. If you’re aiming to save money on your gas or electric bills, we’ll show you the “smartest” hot water heaters on the market.

    Water Heater Repair LexingtonNo other plumber offers our full range of
    service and commitment to excellence.
    Call (855) 632-2766 to speak to a licensed plumbing professional!

    If your unit breaks down or isn’t heating up the way it should, don’t hesitate to call the friendliest plumber in town. We are a licensed plumber in the local area since the 1970s and are Better Business Bureau accredited.

    You’ll see right away that we always put our customers’ needs first; that’s why people have come to rely on our local water heater repair service in Lexington, Massachusetts. They come back to us when they need a new one. In fact, they call us to handle all their other plumbing needs, too.

    Water Heater Repairs and Replacement

    When you are lacking hot water and call us for help, we’ll ask you questions. Sometimes we’ll know what’s wrong just by talking to you, or at least have a good idea. It could be you need a tank clean-out or a new sacrificial anode. Maybe you have a faulty gas thermocouple. Sometimes, it’s not possible to know whether you will need repair or replacement until we look it over. Plumber Installing a Water HeaterIt’s good to know you will not be charged a dispatch fee for us to come and check things out. Our estimates are free, too.

    If you are not sure whether you need water heater repair or replacement in Lexington, Mass., talk to us first. We will give your equipment a thorough checkup. If you need a new one, we will show you why and let you make the final decision. Hot water heaters have a definite lifespan – about 10-13 years – or a bit longer if you have the instant-on type. Let us show you the latest energy-saving models from top manufacturers. Our plumbers are always mindful of your budget, and will give you the best deal possible.

    Affordable Water Heater Installation in Lexington, Ma

    Installing a new appliance will save you a lot of money because technology has improved dramatically in recent years – across all price points. In most cases you can recoup your investment through energy savings year-round. We will look at your daily water requirements, and then help you choose the right capacity and the best High Energy Factor.

    Need a water heater repair Lexington, MA for the first time?
    Want to find a better plumber than you used before?
    Call (855) 632-2766 for a free estimate, a clear-cut price,
    and three decades of experience.

    If your family uses the national average of 62 gallons of heated water a day, you will really appreciate the savings. And you will appreciate how we look out for you in all aspects of our Lexington, Massachusetts home water heater repair, replacement and installation service.

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