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    Bedford, MA Plumber

    A Bedford, Massachusetts plumber must be prepared to bring 21st century know-how to 19th century homes. Our historic area boasts houses – and plumbing – ranging from 150 year old farmhouses, to 50 year old split levels to not even a decade old. This is where our more than 30 years of experience benefits you. We combine old-fashioned good workmanship with continually updated expertise.

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    Emergency service 24/7
    When the toilet is broken or a pipe breaks, we deliver quick response and flat-rate pricing, and never charge a dispatch fee. Emergency response is a hallmark of our service, and no home is too old.

    Beyond emergency service
    Even if your home has only been around as long as we have (30-plus years), the time will come when you will want to make changes in the “original equipment.” You have found the best Bedford, MA plumber to:

    • Replace old pipes
    • Install new appliances
    • Install new faucets and showerheads
    • Replace hot water heaters
    • Handle complete kitchen and bath remodels
    • Install new sump pumps
    • Home renovation plumbing

    Low water pressure
    Perhaps the most frequent complaint a Bedford, MA plumber hears about homes built before 1980 is that there is a lack of water pressure. Sometimes it is as simple as pipes that have become blocked with deposits or sediment. We can diagnose and fix this.

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    Sometimes, it means that old cast iron pipes have come to the end of their useful life, and an upgrade to PVC or copper is the solution. It’s possible that only sections of pipe must be replaced, and that reconfiguring the route of pipes can boost water pressure. Trust our experience in diagnosing the problem and then prescribing the best solution for you.

    Old radiators can leak. This is a job for a Bedford, MA plumber, too. It can be fixed. We can also work with you on replacement and installation of a new heating system.

    Sump pumps
    In this area, both historic and modern homes depend on sump pumps. This is why we have devised a one-stop service for selling and installing sump pumps and sewer injectors. The final part of that full-service is concrete cutting. Not all plumbers do it. We’re set up to handle cutting into a concrete floor or through a concrete wall.

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