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    Lexington, MA Plumber

    We are a Lexington, Massachusetts plumber proving that The Birthplace of American Liberty is not a place for a newly-born plumbing company. Since 1977, we have been honored to be a full-service plumbing contractor here. Call now for emergency repairs. Get in contact to schedule maintenance and appliance installation. Ask for a free estimate for pipe replacement, new bath and kitchen fixtures, or sump pump sales and installation. Consider our kitchen and bath remodeling skills. Look no further for a heating contractor.

    Leaking Kitchen FaucetNo other Lexington, MA plumber offers our
    full range of service and commitment to excellence
    Call (855) 632-2766 to speak to a licensed plumbing professional

    Need a plumber? You’re not alone in Lexington
    The last spike in housing construction here ended more than ten years ago. If your home went up during that 1994-1996 boom, and you are starting to see deterioration in plumbing and appliances, you are on schedule. You’re probably thinking that your kitchen and bath are showing their age, too.

    We may be the first Lexington, MA plumber you’ve ever scheduled, and it may be an emergency. Call now for day or night service. You will get a knowledgeable professional on the line, not an answering service. You will never pay a dispatch fee.

    Emergency plumbing services include:

    • Fixing broken pipes
    • Solving leaks
    • Hot water heater maintenance
    • Kitchen backups
    • Broken toilets
    • Disintegrating faucets

    Consider this: we have a multitude of repeat customers, who think of us first when they once again need a Lexington, MA plumber. History is everywhere here, and we have a highly-regarded history with the people of Lexington.

    Of course this area boasts some of the oldest housing stock in the nation. To meet the plumbing demands, the services we offer include:

    • Replacement pipes (PVC or copper)
    • Sale of new water heaters
    • Installation of new water heaters
    • Kitchen sink and faucet upgrades
    • Bathroom fixture upgrades
    • Low flow toilets

    Add to that list sump pumps
    We provide sump pump sales, install them and also sewer injectors, and we are a Lexington, MA plumber who has eliminated the need for you to find a concrete contractor. Our crews are trained in cutting concrete floors for installing the sump pump, and in drilling concrete walls for running lines outdoors.

    Need a Lexington, MA plumber for the first time?
    Want to find a better one than you used before?
    Call (855) 632-2766 for a free estimate, a clear-cut price,
    and three decades of experience

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