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    Melrose, MA Plumber

    Calling a Melrose, Massachusetts plumber is quick and easy, because we provide a local exchange phone number. And, we staff our phone lines with licensed plumbing professionals experienced in rapid response to plumbing emergencies, scheduled repair or installation and remodeling.

    Melrose PlumberNeed a Melrose, MA plumber?
    Call our local exchange, (855) 632-2766

    Request immediate service for:

    • Broken pipes
    • Toilets not working
    • Water heater maintenance
    • Leaks, including radiators
    • Deteriorated faucets
    • Garbage disposal back up

    When you call us in an emergency, you will talk to a licensed professional, not an answering machine. You will get quick response, day or night, and you will never be charged a dispatch fee. Your Melrose, MA plumber will quote you a flat rate to handle any plumbing emergency.

    Did your sump pump go?
    Call us to sell and install a replacement sump pump and sewer injector. We’ll do the concrete cutting, too. You won’t have to find a separate concrete contractor to core drill the 16"-24" hole into the cement floor for the installation of the pump. We also can drill a 2" hole through a concrete wall if the pipe must be outside. It’s rare to find another Melrose, MA plumber equipped to handle both concrete and plumbing.

    Call us when it’s time to solve a chronic problem

    • Low water pressure in lead pipes. Consider PVC or copper replacement.
    • Your toilet(s) run continuously, or use a lot of water. It’s time for a low flow version.Old sinks and old tubs become unsightly.
    • Let your Melrose, MA plumber install a replacement, or help with an entire bathroom or kitchen remodeling.
    • Throw out the kitchen sink and enjoy a modern, deeper variety with a goose neck faucet.
    • Update the faucets but keep the sink. You can remake a sink for the price of a faucet.
    • A water filter treats our hard water and reduces lime deposits.
    • Order a larger hot water heater that is so energy efficient it costs less to run than the smaller one it replaces.
    • Have us install a garbage disposal, either a replacement or your first to accompany your new sink.
    • If you’ve never had the plumbing for an ice maker, get it now. It’s a simple procedure, and you’ll get our famous flat rate pricing.

    We will recommend appliance brands - the very best brands. You will always receive a flat rate estimate for plumbing services, and we will arrive when we say we will. Your technician will be friendly, too!

    Look no further for a Melrose, MA plumber
    Call (855) 632-2766 for a free estimate from qualified
    customer service professionals

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